Men’s Fellowship

Born, named and outdoored on October 20, 2001, the Men’s Movement of the Apostolic Church-Ghana, has been nurtured through the motherly hands of the National Council and nursed by the National Men’s Movement Committee from 2001 to date (2012).

The Movement has been building gradually as water is collected in an ocean. We continue to experience tremendous transformation in our marriages, family lives, socio-economic endeavours and spiritual activities. The Movement continues to grow from strength to strength inspite of the many hurdles on the way.

God bless both the outgoing executives and the current ones for their commitment in working assiduously to make the Movement attain significant strides.

VISION: Raising responsible Men for all good works. – 2 Tim. 3:17

MISSION: To be a forum for shared knowledge, for role models in parenting, spiritual enhancement, socio-economic growth and general leadership.

AIM: Raising responsible Men for Christ and society.

1.  To acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
2. To unite all Men in the Church to participate effectively in Church activities and to
promote their welfare.
3. To prepare the Men to take up leadership responsibilities.
4. To bring up Men into responsible fatherhood.
5. To mobilise men towards socio-economic advancement and wealth  creation.
6. To uphold and propagate Christianity
7. To be role models for the up and coming generation


STUDY  – the scriptures and all other sources of acceptable knowledge
DISCUSS – the scripture and all relevant sources of knowledge
DIGEST – the scripture and all related sources
SHARE – the   scripture   and   all relevant information.
SLOGAN – Men of God, — be strong in the Lord! (Eph. 6: 10)

Men of God, Be strong in the Lord
Men of God, Be strong in the Lord
We’ll put on the whole armour of the Lord
And let His word be a light unto our path.

No weapon that is formed against us
No weapon that is formed against us
No weapon that is formed against us
Shall prosper in the name of the Almighty God

We are the Men of God
We are the Men of God
We will be strong in the
Lord our Maker
We are the men of God

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