Children’s Ministry

To train the next generation and bring the children of our Assemblies to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The National Council of the Church will appoint a General Sunday School Superintendent who will be responsible to report to the National Council on Children Sunday School work, and promote the work in the Assemblies by providing or recommending suitable lessons and literature from time to time.

The work of the Sunday School is vital part of every assembly and comes under the jurisdiction of the local presbytery, which should appoint suitable brother or sister as the local leader/teacher and supervise the choice and type of teachings which will assist the spiritual, physical, social and mental growth of the children. The presbytery must constantly review the work of their children Sunday School, seeking wherever possible to provide incentives for the progress of the work. This can at times involve allowing the children to provide the programme for a public service to which parents who are non-members can be invited and thus come under the sound teaching of the gospel message.

The Sunday School is intended not only to present the gospel to the children, but also to train them in Christian doctrine and living

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