Youth Ministry


To bring up young vibrant men and women of God who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ and are inspired by the Word of God


The Youth Ministry/Witness Movement of the C5 Assembly of the Apostolic Church Ghana is known as the “Word Inspired Ministry (WIN)”. It is headed by the Youth Pastor and constitutes a Youth Executive team lead by the Youth Leader. The executive body spans across various ministries within the church including Music, Theatre (Drama, Poetry and Choreography), Multimedia & IT, Prayer, Evangelism, and others.

The work of the Youth Ministry is directed and supervised under the jurisdiction of the local presbytery and cuts across the spiritual, physical, social and mental growth of the youth. The membership of the ministry consists of two age groups. The first being Teens (from about 14 – 18) which have a dedicated Sunday Service held in the Youth Floor/Upper Room of the Church premises. The second, and largest group spans from the age 19 – 30. These members are also members of the main church however meet each Tuesday for fellowship from 6:30 to 8:15pm.

The ministry of WIN also caters for members boarding in High Schools, Universities and tertiary institutions. Being the vibrant group within the church, the ministry also participates in outreach programs and assist the church with their energy and strength